Project Living Dead Girl AKA Dead Betty

Project Living Dead Girl AKA Dead Betty is our ongoing build series for our 1955 Buick Special.

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FiTech Fuel Injection

FiTech was generous enough to donate a full LS Ultimate EFI Kit for our 1955 Buick Special.

Be sure to follow along and check out the videos!

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BOP Parts

Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac parts is your source for hard to find parts including new old stock and reproduction as well as upgrade and retrofitted parts.

BOP Parts has generously donated a hefty discount to parts including our front suspension rebuild kit, front disc brake conversion and more to come!

With great customer service and tons of parts be sure to give them a call, even though your part might not be online they still probably have it or know how to get it.

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Fat Man Fabrications

Fat Man Fab is an old school company dedication to providing chassis and chassis components to build your hot rod suspension right. They have an extensive knowledge and an array of parts to fit your needs with many packages available to suit your budget.

Fat Man Fab generously donated a set of dropped uprights specifically designed for our 1955 Buick so that we can get that extra 2" drop in the front we need to lay the frame on the ground.

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Gennie Shifter

The Original Automatic Shifter for Classic Cars

Part of the appeal to classic cars is their simplicity, timelessness, and nostalgia. As the original and go to solution for automatic transmission shifters in classic cars, we manufacture all our parts right here in the USA. If you want the best for your ride, get a Gennie.

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Poppy's Patina

Poppy's Patina is the original creator of the wipe on clear coat. A permanent solution to bringing back the shine and protecting your patina. The also have other products like chassis armour paint and clear coats in all different sheens.

Poppy's was the first to donate to our 1955 Buick with a Satin Clear Coat kit and Gloss Black Chassis Armour.

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Highwood Rod & Custom

Highwood Rod & Custom is a shop run by a team of enthusiast experts - we love each car we build, and we know our customers appreciate being in the shop as much as they enjoy being in the drivers seat.

From planning, to sourcing parts, to final build our team is fanatical about the details. We know where to find that perfect part to bring personality to each project, just as much as we know when to bring modern tech to the project & pick the right components to create a perfect build.

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