Cruise Culture Apparel

Cruise Culture Apparel is the company behind the magazine, the designs, the apparel, the YouTube Channel, and more. They company is owned and opperated by its sole employee

Brian Holzli

  • Cruise Culture Apparel

    Cruise Culture Apparel

    in 2020, Brian set out to get more involved in the car community that he was so pationate about. His goal was to create apparel for car guys that actually fit and felt nice.

    CCA went on to do custom design work that was affordable so anyone could get there ride on a t-shirt.

    He also developed partnerships with shows, cruise ins, and companys to supply shirts and designs for events or customers.

    This is still the core behind all other Cruise Culture ventures.

  • Cruise Culture Magazine

    in August of 2022, CCA released its first issue of Cruise Culture Magazine. Initially the plan was to produce a catalog of the growing selection available from the apparel side and to also feature some of the rides that the designs were based off of.

    Before it hit the printers, the magazine already had multiple payed advertisers and incredible amount of support and content.

    The car community was craving a print magazine that was high quality enough to be read in the garage or on display on your coffee table.

  • YouTube Channel

    shortly after launching the magazine, photos shoots came with a prime oportunity to film content and interviews for a video platform as well. Brian started filming features, vlogs, and even build series on his youtube channel.

    The channel is still in its infancy but is growing quickly and getting out high quality content is a top priority.

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    Describe this team member's expertise and unique skills. Consider adding an image to your column to represent this team member.

  • Cruise Culture Modified

    Cruise Culture Modified is our alternate instagram profile were we have began showcasing other types of builds like mini trucks, tuners, imports, exotics etc.

    this could eventually transfrom into more apparel, another magazine, and another YouTube Channel... but who knows.

  • Cars and Poker Podcast

    Just an idea for now, but hopefully soon we will start filming and recording...

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  • Who Knows...

    Who knows what else my come up in the future...

  • Brian Holzli

    I'm Brian, car guy and hot rod enthusiast from central Alberta. I am married to my beautiful high school sweet heart and have three incredible daughters.

    By day I am a senior architectural technologist who designs and drafts all type buildings, by night I am designer, photographer, shipper, writer, web designer, social media manager, host, shipper, tester etc... for Cruise Culture Apparel.