Working Class Trash

Working Class Trash

Chance Dixon is the proud owner of this viral 1979 Lincoln Continental. The car was bone stock eight months ago, as you can see Chance has been busy. This land yacht has a 400 cubic inch power plant with a c6 transmission. Between this one and his other rides, Chance gets this one out, pounding pavement, at least twice a week and can be seen at Pikeville TN Summer Nights.

After its purchase, the Lincoln has been equipped with 20x8 Detroit Mobsteels powder coated by Smiles Powder Coating in Crossville TN, Accuair VU4, dual Viair 380 Compressors, 2500 lbs bags up front and 2600 lbs bags in rear, and bag cups from BC Fab. Plans for the future? Chance wants to drive it, enjoy it, and spread the love for cars to others....

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