Why I Will Never Own an Electric Car

Why I Will Never Own an Electric Car

First of all, and most importantly, an electric car will never look like the picture below of Mr. Kim Gough’s 1991 Caprice Station Wagon.

You can’t fake the rumble of a V8 engine and the sound of straight pipes even though they are trying as demonstrated this year at SEMA. ‘Insert eye roll here’ .

You can tell me all you want about how fast they are, or that they have “instant torque” blah blah blah. The excitement of driving these machines doesn’t all come from just speed and torque. It’s a combination of the history, the culture, the sound, the feeling, the rumble, the smells, and the sights.

The smell of hot wires and space ship noises just don’t do it for me and they never will.

To top all of this off, the actual carbon footprint of the electric car is recently being called into question. We may burn fuel and go through oil but we are the recyclers, the hotrodders, the reusers. By keeping the culture alive, we save more and more vehicles, parts, and scrap from winding up in landfills. The more I see a rusted out car with a blower sticking out of the hood, the more I start to think…

They might be doing more for the environment than the one in the elctric car.


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photo by Miranda Kurpe (MNK Photography)

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