Tuckin 'em in

Tuckin 'em in

Here in Alberta Canada, our show season has come to an end and when you read this, we most likely will have a good chunk of snow on the ground. The cars are tucked away in the garage, and the projects are torn down and being worked on to keep the excitement going through the winter.

This year I have seen incredible growth from this venture. The amount of support I have scene for this magazine and for the YouTube channel is so inspiring. I really, truly, am grateful for all your support and feedback.

As I sit here, I ponder, not really if, but when we will go to 12 issues a year. The amount of content we have lined up for you far exceeds the next 6 issues. My limiting factor being the number of pages I can put into an issue and still produce, print, and ship the magazine for less than what I’m charging. As the magazine grows in subscribers, we will be able to increase the number of pages as printing in bulk is cheaper. But the best way to get more content in front of you now is to release more issues. I’m hoping that in 2023 we can double up and bring you more. 

We have also stepped up and created a new YouTube channel with our first feature on Ethan Clarke’s 1956 Chevy from this very issue. By the

time this magazine is in your hands we should have at least four or five videos uploaded including features, vlog’s, and interviews. Be sure to go and subscribe as some content there will be exclusive to YouTube.

I’m also super excited to bring you our first Calendar included inside of this issue featuring vehicles from past and future issues of the magazine. You can literally take this magazine and hang it sideways in your garage, cubicle, mancave, or even your kitchen (it’ll be in mine). Be sure to check out this issue’s awesome sponsors and contributors, as well as the calendar sponsors! Their sponsorship goes directly to getting content for the magazines, software and licenses, hardware, equipment, and even some printing.

I hope you all have a merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!


Cruise ‘em if you got ‘em!

Brian Holzli

Editor in Chief

Cruise Culture Magazine


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