Trial and Error

Trial and Error

Trial and error. That’s what Anthony Binga had to say when we asked him for any stories on building this incredible 1967 Harley Davidson FL. Anthony’s parents owned custom bikes and in 2000, he got into building and tuning them himself. This particular bike was owned by his father since the 80’s and he rode it all the way up till 2017 when he passed it on to his son.

The Harley used to be a hard tail, and a kick start only bike.

Anthony decided that if it was his, he was going to build it from the ground up, making each piece and part fit and work through trial and error as it went along.

He tracked down an original 1967 frame and cleaned it up and powdercoated it. The bike sits on airride and hides the compressor behind the headlight and uses the front  crash bar as the air tank. To add to the the incredible stance, the bike has panhead adjustable triple trees and the front wheel is a hand built 23” using the original hub and drum brake.

The Harley was painted by TripSix Kustoms in Edmonton Alberta and includes red, silver, and black flake with blood red candy pain layed over everything. Hand painted pinstripes, leaf outlines, and variegated gold leaf patters are all displayed with 30 layers of clear coat.

A completely modern electrical system tucked away behind the headlight with features like Bluetooth, keyless start, alarm, and some other custom configurations.

The headlight and passing lights are Adjure and the 18” ape hangers and risers are Carlini.

The Engine is 74ci bored to .80 over with a S&S Super B carburetor paired with a stock 1967 4 speed transmission.

Anthony plans to swap the chain for belt drive and a custom air tank that will hide near the transmission to get more air capacity.

Anthony likes to take the bike to show events and only rides it on occasion. His favourite shows so far are the NPBRA indoor car show in Grande Prairie, Drivin, and Illicit. In the future he plans to take it to Lowrider and Fishtailz supershows, World of Wheels, and the Rick Ross car and bike show.

A huge thank you goes out to his wife for supporting him and the time he put into the build. He would also like to shout out Top Gear Cycles for sourcing hard to find parts, TripSix Kustoms for taking an idea and turning it into art, Torch Industries for sending him detailed pictures and advice for how they make their front ends work and their bike was the inspiration for the build.


Article by Brian Holzli

Photos by Nathan Wheeler (Wheelers Media)

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