That Old Farm Truck - One Year Later

That Old Farm Truck - One Year Later

Last time we featured Eli’s 1963 Chevy C10 was in August of 2022, our very first issue. “Haystack” named so because it was pulled from a farm, has had continuous changes and improvements made since its debut, and we figured what better way to celebrate our one year anniversary than to come back to see what Eli and “Haystack” have been up to.

Over the last year, the 5.3L LS has been fitted with some goodies from Snake Eater Performance, including Pro Series injectors and a 102mm Throttle Body. The suspension go some new Airslamit 2500 bags in the rear and the Velaworks DTC DIY Slam Kit has been an amazing and integral part of the truck.

 You may also remember the all white doors on “Haystack”. They  have been swapped for some better ones that match with exception of the white top from the truck they came from. Eli liked this look so much that he copied over the white painted cab roof to his C10. The trailing arm crossmember has been swapped for one from Tinworks Fab, and some beautiful tubs from the mastermind at GMSS Fab have been installed under the hood.

Eli now drives haystack a couple days a week and even calls it his “grocery getter” and his favorite show he has taken it to so far has been the annual Wyotech car show. Eli loves to piss off purists driving around in this slammed C10, “Low Class Forever” he says.

Under the knife currently, is another slammed 1964 C10 which has earned the name “No Title” and we can’t to see what he does. Make sure to follow along @thatoldfarmtruck on Instagram.

Eli would like give a shout out to his amazing sponsors including Velaworks, AAA Recycling & Salvage, Snake Eater Performance, GMSS Fab, Airslamit, Rob Carrol, and Torqued Driveline. He would also like to thank Wyotech for the use of their facilities for the photoshoot and to his photographer, Nate McDonald, for shooting the pictures.


Article by Brian Holzli

Photos by Nate McDonald (Throttle Addikt)

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