Spooky Season

Spooky Season

'Tis the spookiest season of all. The evenings are getting darker, the wind colder, and the trees bare. Front porches will soon be lit by the glowing faces of jack-o-lanterns, and for some of us car guys and gals. It is one last hurrah for our cruisers.

Some of us decorate our cars and go to trunk-or-treats at local parking lots, some like to incorporate our cars into our house decorations like myself, all the neighborhood kids get excited to see the car parked on the lawn with skeletons, lights, and artificial fog. For others it involves taking part in viral trends like blowing black diesel exhaust through carved out pumpkins, or covering their cars in white sheets with the headlights cut out to look like a ghost. I’m curious to see what trends take off this year and maybe even which ones return.

However your get your spooky on with your ride, take a picture or video and tag us on any of the social media platforms you use, we can’t wait to see it.

What better way to celebrate the “spookiness” than to feature some spooky rides in the magazine, from simply orange patina C10’s like @jjkleemans “Sitrus”, traditional patina hotrods like Rod Bushfield’s “Snake Oil”, or all the way to bad ass cars like Josh Carpenter’s lowrider hearse, and Jason’s “Frankencoupe” that has been brought back to life from multiple disasters. Check out these features and more in this awesome issue of Cruise Culture Magazine.

If you haven’t heard we also offer subscriptions now in the form a membership that gives you extra benefits like a print copy of each issue of the magazine at its release, a discount on everything on the website, early access to the online version of the magazine, early access to some YouTube content, and exclusive sales and merch available for members only. Get your Monthly or Yearly membership with auto renewal now at cruisecultureapparel.com and get your first month FREE!

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