So Many New Hats

So Many New Hats

Here we are again. Issue #2. I’m so grateful for all the support from our customers and our readers. The response has been overwhelming and I’m so excited to be able to pump out more and more issues to you. We already have our next issue in December all planned out and we are into shooting content and planning for February and beyond.

With this new venture, it’s funny that I find myself wearing so many hats, and some new ones that I have never even tried before. I have never been a writer, an editor, or a photographer before but here I am.

One of the photographers that works with us regularly (very good friend of mine and a huge supporter of CCA) had an emergency and would have had to drive 6 or 7 hours straight overnight just to make it to a shoot we had scheduled. Funny thing is, she would have, but I told her no way and that if saw her the next day, I would be upset. My next best option was to ask my wife to step in because she had previously been a self-employed wedding photographer and a great one at that. She was extremely hesitant as she knew how much this meant to me and didn’t want to let me down. She could never let me down and would have been fantastic, but this is when I decided to take a leap and see if I had any talent behind the camera. She showed up and quickly showed me how to run the camera and away I went. You can see my first photography sessions that were shot back-to-back on page 22 and page 39 with Forbidden Fantasy and Dale Kwas...

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