Rad Torque Raceway Speedway Market

Rad Torque Raceway Speedway Market

Something else that Cruise Culture Magazine got to be apart of this year was the 1st Annual Speedway Market. This was one of the coolest trade show type events that I have had the pleasure of attending. With booths set up from all sorts of builders, vendors, suppliers, race teams, and more you were sure to learn something new and get excited about the upcoming racing season. I know that after attending this event I plan on taking in more racing this year at our local tracks including Rad Torque Raceway.

Venders and builders, while the majority of the focus was on the raceing community, there were actually a lot of builders, painters, suppliers, and even contractors for all types of motorsports and even just the cruisers, JDM stuff, and almost all aspects of the car community.

The event was such a hit that it ran well past the advertised end time of the event with everyone still actively participating and getting to know each other or catching up long after.

The event was catered and even licensed so the drinks and food were incredible all day long.

At the end of the day, almost 1500 people came through the doors to check out the event and raised $7,500 for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

We can’t wait for next year and will definitley be back again in full support. You can catch our video coverage of the event as well on our YouTube channel.

Huge thanks to Travis with TDR Photography for capturing these awesome shots of the event for us.


Article by Brian Holzli

Photos by Travis Roe (TDR Photography)


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