Project Living Dead Girl AKA 'Dead Betty'

Project Living Dead Girl AKA 'Dead Betty'

Welcome to Project Living Dead Girl, her name is Dead Betty and she is a 1955 Buick Special that I purchased for the cost of a tow in June 2016. The ’55 Buick has been a dream car for me ever since I was 18 and saw a kustom one at a local event. I’ve had big plans for the car including a 6.0L LQ engine, a 4L65e transmission out of my wife’s Denali XL and air ride. I have torn down most of the car and cleaned up and painted the front section of frame and fire wall. See render for my vision and inspiration. I want to build a reliable, fun, eye catcher, that I can take to shows farther away and on long drives.

A few people have told me that I should make a build series for the magazine and the YouTube channel for the Buick and I think they are right, it’s time to get serious. Every chance I get with new parts, some tear down, or work on the car, I will follow up in the magazine with an article to show you what has been done and how I did it. I’m not a mechanic, and this is my first time building a car from the ground up like this.

Looking for sponsorships:

I’m hoping that I can build this car through sponsorships from awesome companies like yours. I hope to feature your products in the build series with how to articles, advertising, reviews, social media exposure, sticker on the back window, YouTube content, and anything else you might need.

The car is basically bar bones and needs, steering, suspension, brakes, rear end, driveshaft, interior, front glass, wheels and tires, lights, electrical, and more. If you think you have a product that would work, please reach out to

As I can afford more or get more, I will bring you more Dead Betty content.

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