Picturesque Patina

Picturesque Patina

In the world of classic cars, few embody the spirit of Americana quite like the classic Chevy C10. Tyler Mills, the proud owner of a 1964 patina C10, shares his journey with us, showcasing not just a vehicle, but a piece of history on wheels.

Tyler's C10 is a runner and a driver, exuding character and charm. It's the kind of truck that beckons you to hop in and hit the open road, a sentiment any car enthusiast can appreciate.

Tyler's journey with his C10 began when he made an ISO post on Facebook, specifically looking for a patina C10. Fate led him to Tennessee, where his dream truck awaited. A 10-hour road trip with his dad brought the truck back to Maryland, marking the start of a transformative journey.

Powered by a tried-and-true SBC 350 paired with a TH400 transmission, Tyler's C10 is all about the classic cruiser experience. While not dyno'd, it's safe to say that its power delivery is best described as "low and slow," embodying the essence of cruising in style.

What sets Tyler's C10 apart are the custom touches that reflect his vision. Velaworks front slam kit to cup the front control arms, Velaworks rear slam kit, and a KP Components notch and watts link, GM Transport wheels, Airlift 3P air ride, and CPP front disc brakes all come together to create a balanced blend of performance and aesthetics. Plans for future modifications include an LS swap, 4L80 transmission, Dakota Digital dash, and Snowden seat, promising even more excitement down the road.

Tyler's story with his C10 is one of passion and dedication. He brought the truck back from Tennessee, enjoyed it for only a couple of drives, and then began the process of transforming it. All the fabrication and air ride work were done in his small attached garage, showcasing his hands-on approach and commitment to his vision.

Tyler likes to drive it when the weather is nice and running erands on his days off. His favorite shows and events to take it to are Ocean City Maryland Cruise Week, Patina Party, and C10 Play Date.

Special thanks to Travis from Simple.C10 for being a huge help and to his wife for all the hours spent in the garage.

While the C10 holds a special place in Tyler's heart, his automotive journey doesn't end there. He's also working on a '69 Camaro racecar, proving that his love for cars knows no bounds.

For Tyler, cars have been a part of his life from day one, thanks to his dad's influence. His daily driver, a Honda Civic beater, reflects his practical approach to balancing his passion with everyday life as a police officer.

This C10 caught our attention and I’m sure it will yours to, we are excited to follow along on its journey, and you can to by checking out his instagram @m1969camaro or on Facebook as Myler Tills.


Article by Brian Holzli

Photos by CJ Rinehart


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