One Year Later

One Year Later

One year ago, I decided to print a catalogue to show off all of the Cruise Apparel merch and as a bonus, I would feature some of the vehicles that the popular designs were based on. Before I even got started a number of people reached out asking if they would be able to buy a copy, and even some companies reached out about advertising in it. This instantly transformed my idea from a catalogue into a magazine. The very first issue came out August 1st 2022 and featured my 1964 Oldsmobile Super88, Eli’s 1963 C10 (which we caught up with in this issue on page 7) and Chance’s 1979 Lincoln. The issue was short and riddled with oddities and mistakes but was an amazing experience.

One year later, the magazine has grown to be something I am very proud of. A brand that people are talking about. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the amount of support I have received from the community and new friends and contacts I have made along the way. The YouTube channel that accompanies the magazine has also grown and although not huge yet, I still get recognized from time to time which is absolutely crazy. Don’t be afraid to come up to me and chat, I love to hear about your projects and try to have stickers on me for you guys.

The magazine is still a small, self published periodical and still needs your help and support the keep going. Please keep sharing, liking, following, ordering, and we even have a new membership available which is basically a subscription to the magazine plus more.

I have a lot more ideas to bring you guys even more content and can’t wait to show you guys!

Thank you for ordering and reading the magazine and make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and for even more check out our Facebook Group. Also kindly subscribe to our YouTube channel for all of our show coverage, features, videos, build series, and more!


Keep Cruise Culture Alive,

Brian Holzli

Cruise Culture Magazine

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