Martin Barber CO.E

Martin Barber CO.E

“After graduating from college, and from an automotive trade school before that, I thought I would try my hand at my own restoration shop. I had wanted a COE for a while, and I figured having a COE car hauler would be good for advertising my new shop.  Unfortunately for me, I was late to the party and the word was already out on how cool COE’s could be so the search was not easy or cheap. The few COE’s that I would run into locally were either out of my price range or “not for sale.” I soon realized the only way I would find what I wanted, specifically a 47-54 Chevy Coe, was to expand my Horizons and look much farther away from my home.

I initially saw my future 54 Chevy COE listed on eBay and after carefully procrastinating to place a bid, the auction ended before I could, and the reserve was not met. I contacted the owner, Justin Montgomery (@gummys_garage), and asked if he was interested in a trade.  I had a 1961 Buick Special Station Wagon that I was offering to trade and after some pictures and negotiating, a deal was struck. I rounded up a gooseneck flatbed trailer, a willing friend to help me drive and off we sped to Ortho, Iowa!

My friend and I drove all night until we got to Ft. Dodge Iowa where we took a quick nap in the parking lot of a Denny’s before meeting with Justin. Justin first showed us around his shop so we could drool over his awesome collection of vintage porcelain signs and other cool cars. We unloaded the 61 Buick and Justin used a forklift to load up the 21ft rolling chassis with the cab and fenders strapped on the frame. We were lucky that the truck even fit on the trailer! We strapped it all down, said goodbye to Justin and hit the road straight back to Wyoming.“...

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