Los Viejos

Los Viejos

This is my 1964 Oldsmobile Super88. I bought this car around 2018 for $5000 Canadian from a gentleman out near Camrose Alberta. This Oldsmobile, which has been nicknamed ‘Los Viejos’ and loosely translates to ‘The Olds’ from Spanish, was bone stock and all original including the Super High Compression Skyrocket V8. The 394 Skyrocket engine packed a good punch in its day and was topped with a four barrel carb. Unfortunately for me the motor had sat for quite a while before the previous owner got it running and it lacked the power, torque, and luster that it once had. I drove the car for the summer without any engine work despite the immense amount of piston blow by and crank case pressure. There was constantly a puddle of oil under the car everywhere it went and my garage floor still hasn’t recovered....

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