Eli Pederson bought this 1963 Chevrolet C10 a year ago and saved it from rotting away in a farmer’s field for $700. It had been sitting for over 20 years after being rode hard as a farm truck. Eli started out with a small budget but quickly got to work showing everyone the beautiful potential this truck had. An everyday guy like us was able to score multiple sponsorships to help him build this dream truck.

Velaworks hooked him up with their DTC Series DIY Slam Kit for the front and the rear to give it its killer stance. Shane Petty and the guys at AAA Salvage and Recycling in Laramie, Wyoming have donated the LS Motor and continue to sponsor parts for the build to get it completed.

“I cannot thank those guys enough! This truck went from a work horse in the field to being built at and by a local scrapyard. We have sourced a lot of parts from the yard” says Eli....


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