Gold Digger

Gold Digger

Josh Carpenter grew up looking at car magazines as a kid and came across a lowrider bicycle and loved it. He wanted it and had to build one. Josh did that, and then showed it all over the east coast. He won over 100 trophies including Best Bike in North Carolina and South Carolina. The bike even appeared in top named magazines all over the world.

Fast forward to today, Josh has become a member of Cadillac Kings C.C. and owns a bagged 1974 Cadillac Hearse and this 1966 Cadillac Sedan Deville named ‘Gold Digger’. In March of 2020, he found this car on Facebook Marketplace and drove five hours to Monroe Georgia to look at it.

Soon to be named ‘Gold Digger’, the bone stock Caddy came with 429 V8. Since then, it has been customized with Slam Specialties air ride system, 20 inch 150 spokes with vogues, custom hardwood floors in the trunk, and has been hand pinstriped and lettered by ThomE. Josh plans to swap in a 5.3L LS and a 4L60, fresh paint, and a custom stereo.

“After having the car for a few months working on it, first test drive into town broke down on my birthday, really just wanted to drive it to eat Mexican!!!! Got it worked out and never let me downagain to this day!!” says Josh.

Josh Carpenter works as a construction inspector in his town and drives this ’66 most days but does have a Ford F150 for work. Rounding out the collection, he has the ’74 Cadillac Hearse, ’16 Harley Davidson Road Glide, ’06 Ram. “Gotta keep ‘em guessin” he says. You can find him and his Cadillac at shows like Steel in Motion, Lowrider Super Show, Daytona Turkey Run, Steel Runs, Rides at the Market, and Mini Truck Nats. You can also find him on Instagram @4drbluedemon.

Josh wants to give special thanks and shout outs to Cadillac Kings World Wide, Cadillac Kings Queen City, Pinups and Pumps, Ben Helms, Daniel Ellis, Joey Griffin, Matt Carpenter, and his #1 supporter Josie Carpenter.

Article: Brian Holzli

Photography: Christopher Gosda (Photos by CG)

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