Custom Model 'A'rt

Custom Model 'A'rt

Jacob Maier of Maier Metalworks in Texas states this Model ‘A’ isn’t a Rat Rod but a Hot Rod piece of Art. Jacob went all out on this custom chopped 5”, channeled 3.5” body. He built from scratch the frame to support his thousand pound compound turbo 12 valve Cummins.

Maier was inspired by the ultra-viral ‘D-rod’ in early 2016, when he decided to pull the trigger on a 1930 Ford Tudor Sedan that he found on Craigslist. With the help of a buddy and his truck, they loaded the cab into the box and hauled it back to the shop from San Antonio. The decision was to go all in and do all the work he could himself and learn as much as possible along the way.

The determination behind this build over the next 5 years appears to be unwavering. Every night after work and almost every weekend was spent building. He started out renting a bay from a buddy, and they got him going and let him borrow tools. A year or so into the build Jacob had to move to El Paso Texas for work so he found a shop to rent and park his RV at. Worked out great because the shop owner was a fellow hot rod guy. He was there for a year and then moved his tools and car back to his friends shop in San Marcos. That lasted year or so before he had to go back to El Paso again. The second trip there he only brought the body to focus on body work and was planning to paint it. Maier knocked out all the mindless block sanding in three months and ended up painting it with a Harbor Freight paint gun in the driveway a few weeks before he needed to head back home to San Marcos again. Shortly after the move back, he built his shop at his house and moved everything AGAIN. In the end, Jacob had a goal and he was determined to see it through...

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