Community in Clubs

Community in Clubs

This issue started because I am a fan of Travis Roe’s photography and last year, I saw someone post up a picture of Kyle Pashulka’s 1992 GMC with a caption saying that a magazine needed to pick this up and publish it. I’m sure they were looking for one of the larger magazines, but this was my opportunity. Knowing that Travis Roe was the photographer and with a cool club like Aftermath backing up their brother, I had to reach out and ask if Cruise Culture Magazine could publish it. After some back and forth with Travis and Kyle, Travis shared some more photos of some other members of the club and wondered if I was interested in any of them as well. Of course I was! I told him if we can use all of them, I’ll dedicate an entire issue to his photos and the Aftermath truck club, now known as the Aftermath Takeover issue.

I know that this has mostly been a hot rod and custom classic car and truck magazine, but we have also published mini truck clubs and custom trucks before and will continue to do so in the future. We can all agree that these are some bad ass builds and they will always be an integral and innovative part of the custom automotive industry.

Since starting this venture, I have had the opportunity to work with many clubs. Almost all of which have been inviting and supportive. The comradery and relationships that these clubs have are unrivalled. A group that supports you and your build, has your back, supports you when you’re at your lowest, has a wealth of knowledge, tools, and parts that they have no problem giving up to help out a fellow member.

I know that some outsiders might think of them like rivaled teams, mortal enemies in eternal competition with each other over whose club is better. Let’s be honest, the custom community is 100% based on personal opinion. These clubs, although they internally share a similar vision of what is the coolest, they also appreciate the best of them and the ‘works in progress’ from all different sides of the community and fully support other clubs as well.

The Aftermath club is no different. Check out to see more about the club.


Brian Holzli

Editor in Chief

Cruise Culture Magazine


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