Chopped, Channeled, Oiled

Chopped, Channeled, Oiled

Mike Johnstone has cruise culture in his blood. He comes from a long line of hotrodders and drag racers. When Kyle from Searching for Classics first sent me a snap of this car, I knew it was destined to be in my magazine. Knowing nothing about this car, I reached out to Mike to learn more and see if he would let us shoot it for the magazine. Of course, he was excited and shared some more pictures with me and some more information on the build.

What you are looking at here is a 1937 Ford Deluxe that has been expertly built by Rod Bushfield. The car was intended to be for Rod’s personal use and collection but once Mikey heard through the grapevine that he might part ways with it and sell to the right buyer, he tracked him down and had to buy it. Bushfield chopped the roof three inches and moved it forward another three inches. He also channeled the car so that when paired with the Mustang II front end, triangulated four link rear end, and full Accuair e-level kit, the car would sit down in the weeds with the ultimate stance.

The engine bay is a masterpiece in its own right. The 1962 409 Chevy engine matched with a 700r4 and dressed the nines with 6 Rochester Single Carbs and an Offenhauser intake manifold.

Shortly after talking with Mike about the car and the photo shoot, he took home best resto mod at the Okotoks Car Show and I’m sure it is destined to take home many more awards if it hasn’t already.

Mike drives the car daily in the summer and plans to cruise it and show it off as much as he can. You can find him and the ’37 at shows like Okotoks, High River, and Radium, and he told me you can catch him laying it out every chance he gets, including red lights. Mr. Johnstone works in the Oil Industry here in Alberta and is late for every meeting because he can’t get anywhere without being stopped and chatted up about the Ford. Mike also has a 1954 Belair with a twin turbo LS swap and air ride, and he daily drives a Mega Cab 3500 in the winter on 22x12 Force wheels.

Article: Brian Holzli

Photography: Kyle Hanger (Searching for Classics)


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