C10 from the Village

C10 from the Village

You might look at this beautiful C10 and think of an Urban street crawler, ridin’ low on the smooth streets of the city, but you would be wrong. Now picture the West Kooteney Mountains in beautiful British Columbia. Just outside of a quaint village of only 800 people, in a log house where the average snowfall for the year is between six and eight feet! That is the home of Richard Horrill, his shop, and this C10 from the village.

This 1969 Chevy C10 was bought 4 years ago on Marketplace, and built for the first time as a long box for Richard’s wife as a ‘farm’ truck. As a classic car enthusiast would, Richard overbuilt the truck for its purpose and his wife stopped driving it in fear of damaging something as it was beautiful. Richard then took over driving it around and after a year the truck was back in the shop ready to be built into the custom truck it is today.

The second time around Richard converted the truck to a short box and customized the suspension to lay the frame on the ground. Overkill Customs built the rear notch, 4 link, and crossmembers that were welded in by Horhill. Epic Rod and Customs front tubular control arms and stock K member were used up front. The truck is also running an Accuair E-Level air management system and Slam Bags in all four corners.

This truck moves mountains with its LQ4 engine that has been rebuilt with 243 heads and a BTR cam. The drivetrain is completed with a 4L80e transmission and a Holley Terminator X ECU to make it all work together.

The incredible wheels that perfectly reflect the Tide Water Aqua paint color are 20x8 front and 20x10 rear Riddler chrome wheels. The tires are 255/30’s in the front and 285/30’s in the rear. Other modifications include a Borla Exhaust, 12 bolt rear end with 3.73 gears and a Powermax Posi, Overkill Customs fuel cell, wood bed floor with scissor hinges on the hatch,  mild Slosh Tubz, and LED headlights. Inside the truck is complete with Dakota Digital gauges, and a custom stereo including Rockford T2 6.5” components, Rockford T3 10” sub, and 400 and 700 watt Rockford mini-amps.

Richard still has big plans for the truck including front drop member, billet wheels, body drop, and some Slosh buckets in the cab.

Horhill drives this truck pretty much daily when the snow isn’t eight feet deep as has put 130,000kms on it since he built it. His favorite shows have been the annual Street Wheelers show in Lethbridge Alberta and Layed out at the Farm.

Richard is one of the original members of the Canadian chapter of Aftermath. Brad reached out to the club and needed a total of 3 members to get started so it was them and then Kyle Pashulka and his clean obs as their third.

Huge thanks go out to his girl, Mel and his main man Maverik for the putting up with the long hours it took to build this thing. Richard also wants to thank his Aftermath family being “friggin’ rad” and always being friendly with each other and getting along. Rich at Overkill Customs also needs a shoutout for the impressive work on the rear suspension, only using a few measurements and never actually getting to see the truck to work from, and for “all the fuel cells”.

Rich has built and runs an automotive repair shop on his property and services the small nearby communities. He gets to do the odd custom job but mostly does repairs and service. He daily drives a 2012 Ford F150 that is also lowered, and a 2004 Forester XT that he calls “The Turboed Toaster” that he would like to put on air bags at some point as well. Richard also sold a 1981 C10 that was featured in a magazine, which was used to finance his shop.

You can find more on Rich and his ride @aftermath_ratchet


Article: Brian Holzli

Photography: Travis Roe (TDR Photography), and Josh Riegs (Rieger Media)


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