Blue Collar Garage Culture Shop: Brink Fab

Blue Collar Garage Culture Shop: Brink Fab

Once again, a huge thank you to Blue Collar Garage for sponsoring this article and the YouTube Video that goes along with it. Blue Collar Garage is a fantastic option if you are looking to get your hands on some shop or storage space, be sure to check out their website at if you are in the market.


In this episode we took a drive right into our own backyard. Right in Red Deer County, we got in touch with Eric from Brink Fab through a good friend of the magazine.

Something different than what we typically cover, we took this as a cool opportunity to see some stuff we haven’t seen before. If your into Ultra 4 racing, or off-road racing at all you have probably heard of Brink Fab. Specializing in fabrication of tube chassis and suspension their talents don’t stop there. They also build custom components, roll cages, tabs, suspension, 4 link kits, and more for anything your working on. Car guys are car guys and we can all agree that anything in this industry can be cool, I found my self drooling over a Toyota trail wheeler with an LS3 and 43” tires, in the middle of its build, that will be sure to turn some heads. This is one I hope to follow along with as the guys bring it to the finish line.

The other side of Brink Fab that adds to their talents and abilities is that Eric himself races his own built Ultra 4 racer in the limited class and has made a name for himself racing and putting his own fabrication and products to the ultimate test.

These guys arent just welders and tube benders either, all of their tube chassis are meticulously modelled in 3d CAD software and they even go through the trouble building jigs off of those digital models to make sure that everything goes together as precise as possible. This allows them to sell standard tube chassis available on their website all the way through to a full blown custom tube chassis or your own idea.

They have been in their current location outside of Red Deer for 10 years and were able to double their space by taking over the bay next to them when the old tenants moved out.

As you will see in the video they actually have a fully stocked storefront with Brink Fab one off parts, standard tabs, off road parts, joints, fittings, hoses, etc. At any given time they have enough on the shelf to build an entire Ultra 4 car. If your looking for any parts including 9” housings for any type of build, make sure to give them a visit.

To see the full tour, make sure you check out our latest episode of Blue Collar Garage Culture Shop on our YouTube Channel, Cruise Culture Magazine.


Sponsored by Blue Collar Garage

Written by Brian Holzli

Photography by Randi Holzli (Pine & Pearl)

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