Apache Fever

Apache Fever

For Eddie Maestro, the one that got away was a 1956 Chevy 3100 that belonged to his grandfather and unfortunately had to be sold. He also owned a 2014 Camaro SS that lost control and was dragged under a semi for a half mile. He was lucky to walk away from the accident, but Eddie decided it was time to sell anything fast and dangerous. Eddie fell on hard times and was falling out of control when his good friend, Jessie (@50choptop) told him he needed some project therapy. Thus, this 1959 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside short bed came into his life.

We said this build would be the aftermath of what should have destroyed most. A motivation to anyone struggling to make the best out every aftermath life gives you. I wanted this truck to be an impression.” Maestro states. After finding the truck in 2019, Eddie spent a year meticulously planning the build and 

formulating a parts list. Luckily he was able to get most of it ordered just before Covid hit and was nicely prepared to build it out during the pandemic. Eddie says “The entire build took 1 1/2 years. Having all the parts was key. Lock down no problem. It was grind grind grind Every weekend until it was done. I was obsessed with the build. Calling out sick just to get a full eight hours of work in the garage had to be done sometimes.”

Eddie’s fiancé insisted that the patina remains because she fell in love with the color and the look of the old run down farm truck. With his fathers help (and his father’s 40 years of experience in the spray booth), Eddie was able to preserve the Patina but make it brand new on inside.

Starting with a good foundation was key, so Eddie ordered up a front and back half kit for 55-59 chevy trucks from GSI Machine Fabrication. From there, the build only gets better. “I’m a diesel technician by trade and played with turbos all day but never had one so, I had to have one. She is running a 4.8 or better know as the 4.great. If you know anything about LS blocks then you know these 4.8 blocks can handle some boost let me tell you. She is currently posting 8 lbs around town but at a push of a bottom she is boosting 16 lbs. she is screaming fast and packs a big punch once that turbo winds up.”

The 4.8L LR4 was fully rebuilt by Aftermath Performance and includes a Holley Hi Ram intake, Holley mid mount pully kit, Holley fuel rails, 80lbs Decka injectors, VSR Racing turbo, BTR stage 2 camshaft, BTR lifters and hardened push rods, and CCP Headers. The build also includes a Mosimoto intercooler, and a Boyd 17 gallon fuel tank. The suspension is set up with Airlift Performance full air ride, and Viair compressors.

Inside the cab, the interior sports a Snowden custom bench seat with distressed leather and Dokata Digital gauges. Completing the look and stance are American US Racing Sombreros with 22”x8.5” in the front and 22”x12” in the rear, wrapped in 305/35/22’s.

A special Thank you the girl of my dreams, my support and my biggest fan, Ovelicia. My father, Eduardo Maestro, who spent endless hours with me. Memory that will out last any truck. Spending time with him was my favorite part. Thank you dad. Big thanks to my TikTok army out there, full of support and love. Thank you.

Be sure to check out the build and follow along with Eddie and “Aftermath” on Instagram @1959aftermath and on TikTok as well.


Article by Brian Holzli

Photos by Masahiro Kanai (67cream)



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